Center for Inner Initiative

The Center's Activity

A teacher - a guide.

Individual seekers, questioners,
coming together for a class and discussion.

An archive of teachings of wisdom, brought
to life through personal experiencing.

Such is the Center for Inner Initiative.

The Center in Our Self

  • From what center ...
    do we think, speak, feel, sense, act?
  • Are we conscious of a center at all?
    Or is our center really the periphery: the chaotic
    influences of the external world?
  • To sense, to find our own center of inner
    initiative could bring:
    • focus to our mind
    • peace to our feelings, and
    • meaningfulness to our actions.

Awakening Inner Consciousness

Ordinary life goes one way.

The awakening of an inner consciousness goes another.

How to bring them together -
how to be "in the world, but not of it"?

Everywhere one turns, someone is offering answers for sale. But a path that follows questions to an unsuspected height and depth, where answers must come from personal experiences, not just words, and questions find responses echoing ancient truths - this is rare.

Man Walking

The first seekers and questioners had no dogmas, just a boundless curiosity for answers to questions that others felt there were no answers for.

Today at the Center, any person can be a seeker and also have a rich trove of teachings to guide their search: the profound teachings of ancient initiatic wisdom, along with contemporary scientific, psychological and spiritual sources.

Center Building

Classes and Open Talks

Classes at the Center focus on the awakening
and transformation of consciousness.

The aim is to find and live more often from
one's own center of inner initiative:
to find and then to free our own innermost
self by awakening its light into our life.

You may call, email or write us at the following: